We Build Chatbots That Grow Your Business

Black Ops is a chatbot product company shaping the future of conversations. Our clients in finance, insurance, and retail get more customers with personality-driven chatbots that convert. We also make products that create the best chatbot experiences. We built Mav, an easy solution to help companies acquire more qualified leads, and Stealth, an open source framework for developers to create better chatbots.

Made by Black Ops

Easily turn your sales script into an automated, lead qualifying chatbot. We do the heavy lifting of building and training your new automated sales agent to grow your business. Mav helps you answer customer questions, qualify leads, and research prospects. Best of all, Mav sends your leads directly to your Salesforce.

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Stealth is an open source, Ruby framework for voice and text chatbots. Stealth is designed from the ground up to deliver the best chatbot experience. We know, because Stealth powers all of our chatbots.

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