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Black Ops is a chatbot product company. We enable companies to automate 1-to-1 personalized conversations with their customers. We built Mav, an easy solution to acquire more qualified leads, and Stealth, an open source framework for developers to create better chatbots.

Made by Black Ops

Mav is a sales chatbot to help sales and marketing teams automate their customer acquisition. Mav automatically qualifies and follows up with your customers 24/7 on SMS and Facebook Messenger. Get started in a few clicks and don't pay a cent until the chatbot is ready to qualify leads.

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Stealth is an open source, Ruby framework for voice and text chatbots. Stealth is designed from the ground up to deliver the best chatbot experience. From Stealth's MVC architecture to our convention over configuration philosophy, developers feel right at home with Stealth. We know, because Stealth powers all of our chatbots.

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