It’s hard to believe that Black Ops is going on two years of building bots. While it definitely isn’t a long time compared to other industries, our industry by all accounts, is only two years old. One of the best things about being in this space since the beginning is that we’ve learned a lot. Every project we do, we get a little bit better. Every bot we build, we do it a little faster. We’ve even open sourced some of our tools so everyone can all build bots better and faster.

I’m proud that we’re now able to pass our expertise and accomplishments down to our customers, and make it easier to hire us.

To make it easier for customers to work with us, we’ve identified a new and better process for creating custom agents (aka: bots). You may have heard me talk about it before. We call it the Production Process, and it looks like this:

Game Plan

Even with the Production Process, we still needed a way for our customers to retain the flexibility to improve, iterate, and grow after the bot launches. With the way this new technology changes, and with the growing success of our projects, our customers wanted more, and what can I say, we wanted to work with them more, too. So we created Custom Game Plans.

A Black Ops Game Plan is a monthly retainer that includes a combination of our pre-production, production and post-production services and team members. The primary goal is to bring our customers from idea, to launch, to validation in as little time as possible. The secondary goal is to remain flexible post-launch to iterate, improve the user experience and bot functionality and ultimately, increase the ROI.

Game Plans start at $8,000 per month, which includes the Production Process, continuous post-launch support, feature enhancements, and an end to end team of our bot experts. We’ve found that this system is the best way to create amazing bots. Email us if you’re interested in learning more about our projects, and working with the team at Black Ops.