Stealth 1.1 contains many great new features and bugfixes to help you quickly build amazing chatbots. Here's some of the big improvements:

Reply Variants

We're very excited about this one.

Reply Variants allow Stealth bots to send custom replies to users based on the messaging platform they are using. Your users from Facebook Messenger can receive cards and lists while your SMS users can receive instructions about how to format their replies.

This means that your single bot codebase can now serve users on multiple messaging platforms! There's no limit to the number of messaging platforms you can connect to your bot.

Dynamic Delays

If you've been following our bot guidelines, you've been adding delays between each of your messages. It can get pretty cumbersome determining just the right duration for your delays. That's where Dynamic Delays comes in.

Dynamic Delays will automatically calculate the delay duration based on the previous reply. For text based messages, it will factor in the length of the reply. For media replies, including cards and lists, it uses our own heuristic for determining the duration.

If you find the Dynamic Delays are too long or too short, you're able to customize them at the bot level.


As our bots have grown, we've often had to remove flows and states and replace them with others. What happens when a user returns to your bot and their session is pointing to a state that no longer exists? Previously, it would result in an error. With Stealth 1.1, you can keep deprecated states and instead configure them to redirect users to a new destination.

Smooch Integration

The Smooch service offers a single API for connecting to various messaging platforms. With our stealth-smooch integration, your bot can now connect to these channels too. Some of the major platforms Smooch supports are:

  • Web messaging (a widget that can be dropped into a website)
  • Twitter DM
  • WeChat
  • Line
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • and more!

There's many more features we packed into this release. For a detailed breakdown of the release, check out the changelog.

We can't wait to see the bots that you make! Be sure to use the hashtag #MadeWithStealth on Twitter, and tag @whoisblackops so we can share them.

With Stealth 1.1 out the door, we will be launching our Stealth Screencasts series soon. Each episode of the series will cover a key area within Stealth. More about that soon.