What is a Facebook Messenger Ad?

This article assumes you're aware of what a Facebook Messenger Ad is. However, if you're not, it's simply an ad type where the destination is Messenger (vs a website or the App Store). Ideally, you'd have a chatbot hooked up so it's scalable and can provide a rich user experience.

The core value of these ads is that messaging experiences provide higher engagement, happier customers and in our experience, lower overall customer acquisition prices. It also doesn't hurt that Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users.

I'm going to focus on two strategies we incorporate with all of our customers. Copy and Creative, and Dynamic Ad Experiences.

Copy and Creative

The first one you'll want to deploy is predictable Copy and Creative. While Facebook Messenger Ads are setup almost identical to any other ad type, we've found certain copy and creative performs better.

Usually, it's straightforward copy and creative that sets the user's expectation right up front. For example, if you're going to be messaging the user, say that. If you're sending the user into a bot, show creative of the a user using the chatbot.

For example, check out this creative and copy from our customers Haven Life. Simple and straight to the point:

IMG 22D307EE8D78-1

Dynamic Ad Experiences

The second strategy you'll want to deploy is a dynamic ad experience. One that starts with the ad and continues inside of Messenger.

Facebook Ads are powerful and programmable. This means any attribute from the Facebook Ad (Targeting, Copy, Creative, etc) can be passed to the Chatbot to create a personalized and dynamic experience. This is done with "Structured JSON" and it typically looks like this:


For example, you could create geographic-aware ads for multiple states. When the user clicks on the ad and is inserted into the chatbot, the chatbot will be aware of the state they are in. All because the ad passed that information, through structured JSON, to your chatbot.

There are some truely magic things you can do when creative crosses technology. When you paint the picture with creative and copy, and create a state aware bot through your Messenger ad, the user is much more vested in the experience.